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Disk Scsi:0:13 on VRA is unknown

  • Hi,

    My Zerto Console is reporting “Disk Scsi:0:13 on VRA Z-VRA-<hostname> on host <hostname> is unknown”. What does this mean?


    Hi George,

    This means that vmdk referenced in the warning is not part of the VPG. In order to resolve the issue, you can detach the vmdk from the VRA.

    In the off chance that this is a false indication, this could cause the VRA to go into ghost mode which you can recover from by re-attaching the vmdk. Once you detach the volume you will probably see that the warning on the VRA clears.

    Hopefully this helps

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for getting back to me with that information, makes sense. I actually don’t recall now which of my Zerto clients I had this issue on ! But I’ll keep your suggestion in mind if I come across them again.

    Regards, George.

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