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Deduplication Storage best practices

  • We are moving from fairly standard storage arrays to arrays that deduplicate and compress the data. I was wondering if there were any best practices around Zerto and these types of arrays. Things like WAN compression come to mind.

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    You definitely want to check with Zerto, as not all converged hardware is supported. I know for a fact Simplivity isn’t supported and doesn’t play well with Zerto at all. Nutanix however does play nice with Zerto and is compatible. Bottom line, I’d check with Zerto and your hardware vendor before making any purchases.

    Good to know about the converged/hyper-converged environments. In this particular case I’d be talking more about Pure, XtremIO, or Nimble type devices. Some of those manufactures prefer that data is sent as uncompressed then let the array reduce it. However, I’m not for sure if WAN compression applies.

    Just a follow-up. We went ahead and turned off WAN compression. The array was able to reduce the data better if it was sent over uncompressed. However, this did cost us a little more WAN utilization. In our case that’s fine, but it’s something to take into consideration.

    No real best practices today in a good way: to Zerto, storage is storage! Makes things nice and simple. From a storage vendor perspective, they each may have different practices around whether or not to use features like storage compression or deduplication when leveraging a high-performance replication solution such as Zerto.

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