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Datacenter Migration lots of small files

  • I have a VM on my existing site with a RDM, full of 7 million files small files. I need to replicate and keep this VM in step with my existing site while being able to copy out some data from the 2 disk on the New Site. I have previously tried robocopy however it takes over 24hours to finish counting the files and folders.

    My initial idea is to replicate the VM and then copy the disk2 and mount the copy on another VM and then copy the data out and then remove the copy of the disk. This would mean the replica would stay in step and I would be able to still copy out the data to the new VM.

    However I’m also toying with the idea of using the backup option and mount the disk 2 from the backup set???

    Any ideas?


    You could:

    1. Replicate the VM with Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR).

    2. Once it is fully replicated, do an offsite clone with ZVR.

    3. Once the clone is completed, either use the newly cloned machine at the target site or go with your thought of attaching the second disk to another VM.

    Senior Technical Architect at Zerto
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