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Changing a VRA IP address

  • Hi, I’m running ZVR v4.0 Update6. If I need to change the IP addresses of my target site VRAs, can I edit each of them in the UI and simply change their IPs? If so, what impact, if any, will this cause on the status of the VPG syncs – will it trigger a complete re-sync of each VPG?

    Regards, George.

    Hi, I’ve solved the problem. I ended up re-creating the VRAs with the new IPs.


    You can simply change the IP address of a VRA by going to the setup tab. From there you can click on the edit option next to the VRA name OR click on the VRA name (a new tab opens) and click theĀ “Edit VRA” link.

    Changing the VRA IP address will cause the VRA to be rebooted. For this reason, I would recommend changing the recovery disks from the VRA you are changing the IP to another. Once the VRA is no longer used for replication, you can edit the IP address and move on to the next VRA following the same steps.

    Note: To change the VM recovery VRA, click on the VRA name from the setup tab. Go to the more option menu and click on “Change VM recovery VRA” . Then select ALL the disk being replicated to the VRA and select the new destination VRA.


    Hope this helps you in the future

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