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Can Zerto do an eClinicalWorks archive

  • interface that provides :

    • Patient search
    • Patient list matching specified search criteria
    • Screen to choose from patient demographic summary, existing patient documents, diagnostic imaging and lab orders and results, and locked encounter progress notes
    • Ability to download (to PDF) the patient demographic summary, existing documents, diagnostic imaging, lab results, and locked encounter progress notes

    Additionally, information that we recommend including in your archive includes:

    • Patient and provider information
    • Patient demographics, immunizations, referrals, and medical history written to a PDF summary per patient
    • Locked encounter progress notes. This is a summary of each locked encounter, based on the eCW Progress Notes that will be written to PDFs. No unlocked progress notes will be included in the archive
    • Existing patient documents and images in eCW
    • Diagnostic imaging and lab orders written in a PDF summary per patient encounter
    • Conversion of eCW diagnostic imaging and lab result XML reports to PDFs attached at the patient encounter level

    Zerto specializes in disaster recovery and data protection, primarily for virtualized environments. While it excels at replicating and protecting data, specific compatibility with archiving eClinicalWorks (eCW) would depend on Zerto’s ability to handle eCW’s database and file structure. It’s advisable to consult with Zerto and eCW support to confirm if Zerto can efficiently archive eCW data while ensuring compliance with healthcare data regulations. See this

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