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Can I use the same client vCenter with 2 ZVMs?

  • I have a client replicating to us already however we are separating some of their business to replicate to another ZVM in our other office.

    So the respective VMs will be moved to dedicated hosts so that VRAs are specific for each ZVM however they share a single vcenter.

    Will this work or will I break vCenter or the existing ZVM when I install and register the second ZVM to the same vCenter at the client site?


    Mark – This sounds like something you should definitely open up a support ticket for.

    However, my understanding is that it’s 1 ZVM per vCenter. I do not believe you can use 2 ZVM’s on a single vCenter.

    I guess also, I’m not completely understanding why you would ever need more than 1 ZVM. The ZVM simply manages the Zerto instance for that vCenter. I’m not sure what adding a 2nd ZVM would even get you. Perhaps I’m not fully understanding what you’re trying to accomplish.

    You are going to move the destination, for existing VPG’s from one site to another site. Does each site have their own vCenter? If yes, then each site also has its own ZVM and you can simply just move them. If both locations are being managed by a single vCenter, again, only 1 ZVM is necessary. Zerto lets you pick the location of any of your hosts, even if they are not local, that are managed via that single vCenter.

    Example: I have a centralized vCenter (1 zvm) that manages hosts in 3 different physical locations. With only that, I can replicate any VM to/from any of the 3 locations. That is possible because all the hosts at all 3 sites are managed by that single vCenter. I then have a 4th site, with it’s own vCenter (and it’s own ZVM) and I can replicate between sites 1/2/3 and 4.

    Hope that helps.


    Hey Mark,

    If you are going to have multiple customer and only have one vcenter server you should read up on our Zerto Cloud Manager. It enables Zerto be be multi-tenant.

    Mathew is also correct – ZVM to vCenter ration is 1:1 and multiple ZVM’s cannot be paired to the same vCenter. SO the only way to get multiple client sites replicating to a single vcenter server is to use ZCM… otherwise the clients which each see each others infrastructure.


    So we just started using Zerto and I find that not being able to have two ZVM’s paired to the same vCenter is a limitation that is going to cause us issues. We have the primary ZVM setup and working just fine. We are running a customer migration that we were using Veeam on, but there are databases that are way to big with too much change to use snapshots. I thought of Zerto and how we could essentially piggyback Zerto onto the same box using Veeam and replicate that way. This customer is on an island network and they do not want to open it up to our mgmt network. So now that we cannot have multiple ZVMs pointing at the same vCenter, we will have to continue to use Veeam. That is why you would want to have the ability to point multiple ZVM’s at the same vCenter.

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