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Bandwidth throttle clarification

  • Looking for clarification on the bandwidth throttle setting.  Is it an aggregate throttle between all recovery sites the protected site is sending?  Or would it be applied to each peering?


    50 Mbps throttle – 25 from Site A to Site B and 25 from Site A to Site C?


    50 Mbps from Site A to Site B and 50 Mbps from Site A to Site C?

    Hi Kelvin,

    I received internal confirmation that it is indeed the total of replication from this protected site to ALL other sites. This does not mean it is divided equally amongst the destination sites as you outlined, however.



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    Thanks for your response Harry. Glad to know for sure, even though it’s a little bit of a bummer.

    Totally get that it probably isn’t divided evenly.  I put in a feature request to allow separate throttles based on site peerings instead of a global throttle.  Hopefully this can be added in the near future.


    No problem. Most of the time, customers with more than 2 sites will use the WAN Sizing tool to estimate what each site needs. You can set the total max in ZVM, then use some external QoS on the sites with lower maximum capabilities.

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    Ok great to hear that.  I’ve got Silver Peak WAN optimizers, and was just looking into using its QoS to do what you suggested.

    Thanks Harry.


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