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Azure to On-Prem Basic Flow Diagram

  • Hi

    I have been going through the documents and have done the hands on labs, I just wondered though, is there a basic network flow diagram, including the ports, that are required for getting Zerto setup in Azure.

    Did see that port 9081 was needed between the ZVM on premises to the ZCA (Azure).  Also did see that maybe the VRA on-premises to the ZCA VRA serice might need ports 4007 and 4008 open both ways?

    Also what about 9080, 9669, 9180? Are there needed from ZVM to ZCA?


    Thank you in advance

    Check out the last 2 pages of the Azure Enterprise Guidelines document, which has a list of ports and a diagram. In particular, the diagram shows the connectivity between the Zerto Environment in Azure (“ZCA”) and the on-premises site (“Peer Environment”) with the ports required bidirectionally (i.e., arrows point both ways) between both: 9071 (new in 8.0), 9081, 4007, and 4008.

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