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Azure to Azure One-to-Many

  • I noticed that I am not able to replicate a VM in Azure to multiple sites/regions in Azure. I am unable to find documentation that states this is not possible. I found this article that reverences One-to-Many is not supported with Reverse Replication: https://help.zerto.com/bundle/Admin.Azure.HTML.10.0_U1/page/Initiating_a_Failback_(Move).htm


    I also found this article but it only lists two bullet points under the Replication within Azure section: https://help.zerto.com/bundle/Install.MA.HTML.10.0_U1/page/Requirements_for_Replication_To_and_From_Azure.htm

    However I am looking for documentation that states I can or can not do Azure to Azure One-to-Many. Please help as I need to provide this information to upper management ASAP.

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