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Azure 8tb on data disks

  • Does zerto plan to increase the 8tb limit replicating data disks to Azure in the near future?  It appears to support 16tb to AWS.

    One of my customers also need this.  Any update from Zerto?


    This is a limitations of MS Azure



    max page blob size in 8TB this is used in the replication utilizing Zerto



    If our C drive is 3 TB and D drive  is 6 TB, would that be 2 page blobs for the VM of 3TB and 6TB and stay under the 8 TB page blob limit?

    Hello Danny,
    Ben from Zerto support.

    You are correct – Azure virtual machine disks are backed by page blobs. The maximum size for each page blob is 8 TiB.
    Given that this is not a Zerto limitation, Please refer to Azure documentation and support for more information, for example this article on Understanding block blobs, append blobs, and page blobs

    Thank you and have a nice day

    Completely understand that the limit is in Azure page blobs. Even with that, how do we handle a disk larger than 8TB? Azure itself supports disks up to 32TB currently, so we need to replicate large disks for DR needs.

    My customers system was a Windows file server and he was able to break the then 10TB disk into two disks less than 8TB each.

    What about replicating to hpe?  What are the limitations?

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