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Architecture Question / vCenter Location

  • We have a primary data center and a warm DR site. We already have Zerto in place using a vCenter and ZVM at each location. However, we need to add VMs from another cluster that’s being managed by a different vCenter. The hosts are located at the production site. The vCenter that’s managing them is located at the DR site. However, we can move it to the production site if we need to.

    If possible, I would like to be able to recover this cluster to the hosts that are being managed by the other vCenter and Zerto/ZVM instance. If we need to spin up another ZVM or change the design for the second cluster to do this, that’s fine . I just want to make sure I’m following best practices as far as architecture goes.

    Long Story Short, this is what I’m looking at right now:

    Production Cluster #1 (Production vCenter 1 and ZVM at Production Site) > DR Cluster (DR vCenter and ZVM at DR Site)

    Production Cluster #2 (Production vCenter 2 located at DR site, ZVM at Production Site) > DR Cluster (DR vCenter and ZVM at DR Site)

    Hey Bryan, you are on the right track. Install another ZVM for the second production vCenter. If it were me i would have that vcenter on the same site as the esx hosts … but that is up to you.

    Once you have ZVM installed, pair it to the other ZVM that you want to recover to.

    Then you can create VPGs and test things out.

    Hi my location

    It seems that the current architecture may not be following best practices. It would be advisable to have the vCenter managing the hosts located in the same site for better management and recovery processes.

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