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2 ZVM can connect to 1 ZCC in a DRaaS scenario?

  • 2 ZVM can connect to 1 ZCC in a DRaaS scenario?

    Hi Paul – no, a single ZCC services a single remote connection from a DRaaS customer to a single multi-tenant cloud site. If a DRaaS customer were to have two ZVM sites (for example, 2 vCenter servers that they wish to replicate VMs from to a single multi-tenant cloud provider site) then 2 ZCCs would be required – one to service each pairing from the DRaaS customer ZVM sites to the single cloud site.

    This type of configuration: DRaaS customer has multiple ZVM to connect to Service Provider ZCC, requires different licensing?

    Hi Paul – the customer and provider does not require any additional or different licensing. Each ZVM the customer has deployed can pair to a single ZCC.  It sounds that you will need 2 ZCCs deployed within your single cloud site, one to accommodate each pair from each DRaaS Customer ZVM.

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