Whether you’re on the technical or on the business side of things – Zerto has a learning track for you.  Training and certifications through myZerto University are complimentary for signed partners and customers.

How can I get certified?

Choosing a certification program?  It’s easy to get certified and stay certified.  Get certified by completing the certification track requirements.  Then, maintain your certification by completing the maintenance track.  Maintenance track content will be released twice a year for technical certifications and once a year for sales certifications.  The maintenance track will always have content from the two most recent releases, so just stay current within the last two versions to stay certified.  Recently upgraded or missed some of the maintenance content and let your certification lapse?  Don’t worry, you can easily recertify by retaking the certification.   You can see the list of certification options here

What’s new for certification in Zerto 7?

With 7.0 we’re launching a new certification model that combines microlearning with hands-on labs.  By combining bite-sized content with hands-on experience, we’re making it faster and easier for you to learn and retain the content.

Do I need to recertify if I have completed a certification in the past?

We’ll provide a certification maintenance track for anyone certified after Zerto 7.  This way, you can update your certification without having to retake the training.

Can I just do hands-on labs without doing a certification?

Sure! Click the button above to get started.

For assistance with myZerto University, hands-on labs, or myZerto more generally, please open a case via the Support Portal.