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ZVRA Storage Location Change

  • We are switching storage equipment and I need to move my existing ZVRA’s to a new datastore. I’ve used vmware storage vmotion to move all of my existing servers, but got a warning when I tried to migrate my zvra ‘servers’. Went through the zerto dashboard and didn’t see anywhere to specify a storage location for a VRA. I’m guessing this is pretty easy, just not sure where to start.

    Hello, this is Matt at Zerto.

    To move an entire VRA (VRA volumes, recovery volumes, and journal volumes) to a new datastore starting with ZVR 3.1, Storage vMotion the VRA from the old datastore to the new datastore using the “Migrate” operation within vSphere. If this is the process you are already following, it is possible you are seeing the message that this VM is managed by Zerto, and vSphere is warning you about moving it. If this is the case, the warning should allow you to continue anyways. If there is an actual error preventing you from continuing, taking a screen shot and opening a case may be needed.

    Does this information help?

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