ZVRA Storage DRS

  • Hi,

    Zerto introduced SDRS compatibility while ago. Can anyone tell me how VM Overrides should be set up against ZVRAs with Storage DRS set to run Fully Automatic and keeping VMDKs together?

    I see mixed settings across my storage clusters. Some VRAs have Automatic level set to fully automatic and to override keep VMKs together to NO. Some have SDRS disabled completely.

    Should checking “Allow SDRS for Recovery VRAs” set that setting consistently across all ZVRAs?



    Did you ever get an answer on this?  I see a mix bag as well for the automation level and keep VMDKs together.

    I have enabled automatic SDRS on all ZVRAs with the “keep disk together” unselected. So far so good and I don’t see why they should be excluded from SDRS if this feature is supported by Zerto.

    I believe this is a leftover setup from previous versions.

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