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ZVR version 5.0U3 compatibility with ESXi 6.0 U3

  • <h5>Hi,</h5>
    <h5>According to the June 2017 ZERTO VIRTUAL REPLICATION INTEROPERABILITY MATRIX, if I’m installing ZVR v5U3 in a vSphere 6.0 U3 environment, there is a link to this article:- https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/updating-a-zvm-to-support-zerto-approved-host-releases-prior-to-a-full-zvr-update/. The first step in the solution section of the article says “Contact Zerto Support to ensure that the ESXiHyper-V Host version you want to use is certified and supported by Zerto”.</h5>
    <h5>So, do I need to log a support ticket with Zerto? Do I need to follow the rest of the steps outlined in the solution section of the article? Are my vCenter 6.0U3b and ESXi 6.0U3 servers not Zerto-approved? I will be doing a fresh/new deployment of ZVR on this environment, I am not updating/upgrading an already existing deployment, so do I need to worry about the article at all?</h5>
    Thanks, George.

    Hi George!

    Thanks for your question.

    If you ensure you are selecting the “call home” functionality during installation, you can use vSphere 6.0u3 with ZVR 5.0u3. Now, I would have to check if this makes a difference in a fresh install versus an upgrade, but using call-home will allow this in either case.

    If you don’t use call home, there’s a chance the portal will tell you that you don’t have a supported vSphere version, in which case you can either enable call home, or contact support (or just update the file as outlined in the article you referenced — call home updates this file for you) to help you via the manual update process.

    Hope this helps,


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    Hi Harry, thanks for your information, very helpful. At least this reassures me that ZVR 5.0U3 does support vSphere 6.0U3.


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