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ZVM protected with FT

  • Hi,

    Can I protect the ZVM with Fault Tolerance?

    I have two DC’s on either side of my building – we run half our workload in one and half in the other. Zerto protects some workload between the rooms. The hosts in the two rooms are all in the one vCenter – giving us the ability to HA if storage stays up in one DC but not the hosts.


    I can protect vCenter with vCenter HA (I take it this is supported!!!), however, if the room with the ZVM goes down I would like to be able to recover quickly. This is why I’m looking to see if I can protect the ZVM with FT?

    We also have other sites with Zerto installed if that helps in this scenario?


    Hi Ciaran,

    Have you checked out this KB on protecting/recovering Zerto Virtual Manager?

    Protecting and recovering Zerto Virtual Manager

    Hi Ryan,


    The document is about protecting the ZVM in a two site configuration. I will only have one ZVM in this configuration with the VPG having a target of itsself (but to a different host and SAN).





    Rats I thought I was on to something 🙁

    Let me pose the question internally and see if someone can help with an answer

    Thanks for taking the time to look into this Ryan – appreciate it.

    Hi Ryan,


    Any joy with this?



    Hey Ciaran,

    I can point you to two places:

    1. The Enterprise Guidelines PDF has an official statement for this scenario (found in technical documentation on myZerto)
    2. One of our SEs actually wrote a blog about single ZVM and recovering Zeto in a failure scenario.

    Single vCenter, Single ZVM, and Recovering Zerto in a Failure Scenario

    Hope this helps

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