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ZVM OS upgraded, ZCM now links to DMZ IP

  • We are in the process of upgrading our ZVMs Windows version to appease our security division.  After the in-place upgrade is complete the links on the ZCM that point to the upgraded ZVMs changed and now point to the IPs assigned to the ZVMs to talk to the ZCCs in the DMZ.  We cannot access that IP from our management network, nor will security allow us to punch that through.  Is there something we can change in the ZCM to fix the links to the ZVMs?  I am not sure why doing the in-place OS upgrade caused the links to change in the ZCM.  This is an annoyance more than a show stopper, but because we have so many sites to manage the engineers use the ZCM as their main dashboard to manage our Zerto implementations.

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