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ZVM new install after new SCVMM?

  • I did update my MSSQL and my SCVMM and  changed the name from SCVMM3  to SCVMM6.  Zerto Diagnostics Reconfigure  ZVM did not keep the SCVMM6 and changed it to SCVMM3. Stopping the Zerto Services gave the two OKs to for the Connection and test to the SCVMM6. the Name SCVMM6 was kept. Starting the Zerto Services changed the connection back to SCVMM3, (this node had  already been deleted).  Same procedure twice, same result.  In the end I reinstalled the ZVM, the VRAs and the VPGs.

    How can I do this with less work ?

    Hey Peter,

    I’m really confused by the name change of SCVMM. Why did you do this? Thanks,


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