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ZVM Logs consuming disk post Upgrade.

  • ZVM logs located at D:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\logs after upgrade from v7.5u4 to v8.0u4p1.

    Almost 30gb of logs (ex. Log.1234567.csv) over 24 hrs. Disk space being consumed and logs are not overwriting or archiving that I can see.  I have a support ticket in as well, but hoping someone has seen this before and might have quick answer/solution.  Thank you.

    We saw same thing. Even with log archiving, it now always puts 2 days of logs in the “normal” location.

    Hello Michael and Matt,

    Konstantin S from Zerto Support here. The log directory inflation is expected upon the 8.0 upgrade. This is needed to accommodate our 72 hours log bundle retention policy. Zerto will always leave 2GB of free space and stop collecting logs when hitting that threshold.


    I’d like to suggest you increase the space available on a drive that has Zerto installed in case you might need a log bundle analysis in one of your future cases.

    For more info please refer to this public KB article:

    Best regards

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