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ZVM GUI Perfomance

  • I apologize if this has been approached before, but I didn’t find anything after searching the forums.  We are running Zerto 6.5u4, and in the recent past, perhaps since upgrading to 6.5 or slightly before, I’ve noticed the performance of the Zerto GUI in a browser is very sluggish.  I was wondering if anybody has any experience with troubleshooting this kind of performance and/or how to resolve.  Performance on the VM itself seems pretty stable.  6 GB of memory, the ZVM service consumes about 1.5 GB and total usage on the VM usually stays between 40% and 46% usage.  CPU never really spikes either.


    Any help is appreciated.  Thanks all!

    The GUI performance does leave a lot to be desired.

    The GUI changes with 7.0, but I haven’t used it enough to gauge if it is better or not yet.

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