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Zver 6.0u4 and vCenter 6.7u2

  • Hello,

    I think we have to stay lock step with our DRaaS vendor for Zerto versions and 6.0U4 is the latest version we can move to for at least this year. That version is supposedly compatible with 6.7u1. Is there any chance we could do the supported_versions.txt file update to make it “compatible”. I’ve done this numerous times and it has worked but I have no way to test right now.

    Hi Ron

    there was a new HW version introduced with vSphere 6.7U2 that caused an incompatibility for Zerto.  We don’t recommend doing the .txt file update on ZVR 6.0.  It is safer to upgrade to the latest version of ZVR 6.5 or ZVR 7.0.

    Amy Mitchell

    Zerto Product Manager

    Thanks for the reply Amy it is good to see Zerto more involved in these forums. So it sounds like we could go to it if we enforced not upgrading VM hardware to 6.7u2 version. I too would prefer to upgrade Zerto but our DRaaS cloud vendor dictates what version we can move to.

    We did not test vSphere 6.7 U2 with ZVR 6.0 because ZVR 6.0 was end of support at the time of release.  Since we didn’t test it, we can’t comment about how it will work.  Thank you for letting us know about your situation.

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