Zorg Resources from non-vCD Manasged Clusters

  • Hello,

    This is just a question to confirm whether or not this is supported, or is in future releases.

    We have a VPG replicating from vCenter into vCD which works fine, however we’re getting some outside of ZORG errors.

    The source vCenter does have some of its clusters managed by a vCloud Director instance, however not all of them are (operating as a standard vSphere cluster). It is from one of the standard vSphere clusters within this vCenter the Source VM resides.

    We’re unable to add the resources on the Cloud Manager as it sees that ZVM to be vCloud connected (and only displays Org VDCs) not other clusters unmanaged by vCloud Director.

    Appreciate this probably isn’t normal behaviour, but the vCenter has been set up to manage VMs as expected just some of the clusters are controlled by vCloud.

    Please let me know if this is expected behaviour, and if this is still true in future releases.


    What version(s) of Zerto are currently in use in this environment?

    Hi Mike,


    We use 6.5u3 at the moment across all our ZVMs (Zerto Support pasted this case into here).




    Hello Amir,
    Elad from Zerto here.
    If a site has vCD configured for the Zerto Virtual Manager, the underlying vCenter resources for that site cannot be used.

    This can be seen in the ZCM admin guide on page 108:

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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