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Zerto (ZVM) behaviour in real DR scenario

  • Hello Support,

    I just wanted know how Zerto will respond in a actual DR scenario where all communication and services are down at the production site so this will mean the production ZVM will be down and unavailable also.

    Will you still be able to initiate failover from the DR ZVM? And if so what happens when the production site comes back online? Will there be a case of VM duplication? with both the Live and DR VM’s being available.

    So far as I have been testing DR failover by initiating the failover from DR ZVM however the Live ZVM is stillĀ  available.

    Hi there!

    Zerto is designed so that you can successfully perform a Failover from your DR location even when your production site is down. See Chapter 18 of the Zerto Administration Guide, Managing Failover, for more information.

    When the production side comes back online, you may have have VM duplication, but we recommend ways to avoid problems. See the section starting “By default the virtual machines are started with the same IPs as the protected machines in the protected site.” in Chapter 18, mentioned above. As well, we suggest having separate networks in the NIC settings page of VPG settings.

    Page 321 of the Administration guide has information on “Failback after the Original Site is Operational”, and how to replicate back to your production enviornment from the recovery site.

    Does this information help?

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