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Zerto working with MS SQL HA cluster

  • Hello,

    We have been encountering issues with ZVM working with an MS SQL DB in a HA cluster. Do you have any specific documentation/recommendations on how to set this up?

    1. We had an issue where the Zerto service on the ZVM would stop as soon as we started it. After troubleshooting, we noticed that when we removed the SQL HA cluster name and replaced it with our primary SQL server name in the storageproperties.xml file, the Zerto service was able to stay connected.
    2. When we upgraded from Zerto 6.0 to Zerto 6.5, we had to remove the Zerto DB from the SQL HA cluster and only after that we were able to proceed with the upgrade.

    So it seems that Zerto as an application does not work well with SQL HA clusters. Is this a known issue? This needs to be addressed as SQL HA clusters are very commonly implemented for redundancy.



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