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Zerto VM Report

  • I am looking for a way to export the report of all VM and its details using powershell to a csv.

    what i am looking for is vmname, VpgName, SourceSite, TargetSite, ProvisionedStorageInMB, target host, source host, Source IP & failover IP

    below can give some details but how do i get VM failover ip and esxi details.

    Get-Zertovm |select vmname, VpgName, SourceSite, TargetSite, ProvisionedStorageInMB


    let me know if any script available to export all property of a VM from zerto.

    I am looking for the same type of script.  Have you had any responses?

    Check out the Zerto Whitepaper at this address. Section 3.7 pages 18-26. I believe this will give you all the information that you are looking for and more. I’ve been using this script for quite some time with great success.



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