Zerto Virtual Manager is not connected to VRA

  • I create a Azure IaaS VM, installed Zerto, added license and paired the site with on-prem.

    Now I would like to add a VPG and protect machines but this wizard that I run from my internal Zerto manager states that the site in azure is disconnected.

    On the manager in Azure I see the following message:

    Zerto Virtual Manager is not connected to VRA with IP on host [Host ZcaLocalHostName, server c5dd4cdb-c091-4ad4-8c43-f7aba43079b2].

    Can someone help me?

    What is wrong?

    I can ping etc. to the on-prem environment, firewalls are off, ip is fixed, user is local admin. The ip: mentioned in the message is the IP of the local machine in Azure that has the Zerto installation on it.

    Hi there!

    I’m sorry I can’t give you an easy answer, but I do request that you call support on this one. It could be Azure/support related, but we can take a look with you to help determine if that’s the case for next steps.



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    Hi Harry S,

    We created ticketĀ #00091786.

    Hope support can help us.

    Greetings, Marc

    Just wanted to post that if you get these alerts while your vulnerability/inventory scanner is running then you might want to whitelist/exclude them as it might cause enough networking congestion and/or issues that might cause alerts to trigger for no reason.

    Zerto Virtual Manager is not connected to VRA ….

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