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Zerto v7.5 Script support

  • Hello, I’m reading through the release notes for v7.5 before upgrading and one section stood out to me, entitled “User Script Hardening.” In that section it states that non-powershell scripts will no longer be supported.

    I have a few .bat files that run as post failover tasks in a few of my VPG’s. Does this mean these .bat files will no longer run once I upgrade to v7.5? If yes, and I rewrite them as powershell scripts, what do I put into the box for the post failover task? The absolute path to the powershell script .ps1 file?


    Hello Matthew,

    Aaron S from Zerto here.  That is correct those .bat files will no longer run under 7.5.  You will need to put in the path to the .ps1 file that is stored locally there on the recovery server.


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