Zerto Upgrade to 8.5

  • Hello.  We are currently running on Zerto 7.0U2 on VMware and are looking to go to the latest 8.5 update.   We are planning on building new Windows Server 2019 VMs for the ZVMs and install 8.5 new rather than an in place Windows 2019 from 2012 upgrade and 8.5 from 7.0 Zerto upgrade.

    My question is.  Can I build the new 2019 VMs with 8.5, delete the old ZVM VMs and re pair up the existing VRAs to the new ZVM and do an in place upgrade on the VRAs or will I need to build all new VRAs as well?

    We have a total of 4 vCenters, 4 ZVMs and 300 or so VRAs.  Id rather not do the in place Windows and ZVM upgrade and really would rather not have to build all new VRAs.



    Awaiting a reply to this, because this answer would be a great workaround from the “stepped upgrade” process from 7.5 – 8.0 – 8.5?

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