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Zerto replication to Dedicated Host

  • Hey –

    How can I do a replication to Dedicated host? Looks like this should be quite simple to implement, but can’t find these options in UI.

    Also, I have a machine replicated with Zerto and created AMI from it. Then I try to create new EC2 instance on Dedicated host and getting an error.

    If I create an instance on dedicated host from my image imported from VMWare – all ok.

    So looks like something wrong in Zerto replication procedure and AMI created from Zerto replicated instance can’t be used for Dedicated hosts. Does Zerto creates machines covered with Windows licenses proposed by AWS?


    Hi Alex,

    I have posed your questions to my engineering/product teams and will respond here as soon as I hear back.

    In the meantime, I encourage you to open a ticket with support if these issues are affecting your SLAs and Zerto’s performance.

    Thank you!

    Hi Alex,

    Here is what I have heard back:

    1. Zerto only supports shared instances on EC2.  Neither dedicated hosts nor dedicated instances are supported.
    2. Since replication to dedicated hosts/instances is not supported, we cannot really assist with the machines that have AMI from them.  Does the machine start for a regular Failover Test?
    3. For your question about Windows licenses – What Windows license are you trying to use for this replication?

    I will continue to provide information as I get it.  Thank you, Alex

    Hey –

    I created a case for it – case # 00106135. May be better to move there.

    For windows licensing we use SPLA and at the AWS it’s not able to use shared instance for this, only Dedicated hosts.

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