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Zerto Reinstall Question

  • Hi,

    I recently upgraded/rebuilt vcenter in my vmware environment without realizing the effects it would have on Zerto.  I am fine with rebuilding the Zerto environment so I deleted the VRAs, etc.  However, the Zerto Volumes are still showing in my VMware datastores.  I need to figure out if these can be safely deleted without having any effect on my actual servers.  I wouldn’t think this would be an issue but want to be 100% percent before deleting the data directly off the VMware datastores.


    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Justin,

    if you have completely uninstalled Zerto then those volumes are doing nothing currently

    you could keep them on your datastores to use as Pre-seed Disks for when you re-install therefore removing the initial sync and using a delta sync instead which should be a lot quicker

    if you want to remove these disks i often use RVTools to identify Zombie VMDK’s, this will show up these disks and can then be removed




    I requested a callback and need a remote session due to the importance of the data and nothing going wrong.  Provide me a time and a link to a remote session that works for you in the next several hours.  I am available currently if that is an option.




    Hi Justin


    Unfortunately I do not work in the support organisation for Zerto.

    If you have raised a support case, I will leave you in their very capable hands

    Kind Regards



    I rebuilt one of the VPGs from previous use and it is performing an initial sync not a delta sync so it appears it isn’t seeing the data on the datastores correctly.

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