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Zerto Orchestrator Setup help

  • I downloaded the Zerto Orchestrator (Jenkins) and have manage to get it setup to the point where it logs into both vCenter and ZVM successfully.  However when I configure it to actually run a VPG failover test, it always fails.  I can see in ZVM that it does kick off the failover test, but stops at the point where  in ZVM it asks you to confirm whether the test is successful and you need to click the “stop” button.


    Has anyone gotten the Orchestrator to run successfully?  Any tips on how finishing configuring this?


    Running Zerto 5.5 update 2 patch 2

    I just downloaded Orchestrator from the Zerto site about 2 days ago, Jenkins ver. 1.599.



    Hi Michael,

    I am asking about this internally to see if anyone has encountered this.

    Have you opened a ticket with support regarding this yet?

    I haven’t opened a ticket yet, if I don’t get any clues here I’ll open a ticket after the holidays.

    I just got orchestrator installed and have the exact same issue.

    Hey all, just wondering if any of you found a fix for this. I’m getting the same issue – Orchestrator kicks off the failover test and the failed over VMs fire up fine, but it doesn’t end the task.

    I  noticed in the Jenkins console output, the script grabs the task ID but then gets back a 404 when trying to make an API call with it:
    task id = 68aee570-9616-4bd2-acc6-e0e6d7d9cffc.5e548bae-c68d-4639-9525-8b342143d89f

    File "/zerto/ZvmUtils.py", line 133, in IsTaskComplete
    raise Exception("Failed getting tasks")

    Exception: Failed getting tasks

    Unfortunately that’s about as far as I can follow it.

    Forgot to mention – in my case, I actually DO have some VPGs that run the failover test just fine. This is a new VPG and I can’t get the Orchestrator to properly run the failover test, even though I copied the task from one of the other existing tasks that is working.


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