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Zerto One to Many Failover/Migration

  • Is it possible to setup a VPG between 3 VMware Sites (e.g. A, B, C) , Initiate a failover/move  from primary site (A) to one secondary site (B or C), then following move / failover event make site B or C primary and have replication update from (B to A and C) or (C to A and B) and following the update, remove site A from the VPG?

    One to many replication will require multiple VPGs to be created, if you initiate a failover/move from site A to B(or C) you will need to create a new VPG to initiate replication from B to C.

    For example:

    VPG1 with VM1 Replication from A to B

    VPG2 with VM1 Replication from A to C

    You initiate a failover from A to B, the VMs in VPG1 will now live in B replication for VM1 in VPG2 will no longer function. *I would need to test what happens to VPG2 other than replication not working since the source VMs have moved.

    If you would like to initiate replication from B to C a new VPG would need to be created, you can use the existing disks in C as preseeded volumes.

    Thank you for the reply, in the scenario you describe, would I setup a VPG between site B and C after the initial sync of the A and B sites, or would I have to wait until after failover/move?

    You would only be able to replicate between B and C after you have failedover/moved VM1 from A to B. Replication must be done from the source site.

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