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Zerto not supported on UCS using FCoE?

  • This is a troubling statement in the 5.5u2 release notes under known issues page 21. We have well over 100 UCS ESXi hosts using FCoE and Zerto ZVM’s and VRA’s all use storage that is connected via FCoE (the only way you can connect to FC storage on UCS blades)..


    Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA)

    ZVR is not supported in environments using Cisco UCS with FCoE



    Please tell me this isn’t real.

    Hi Ron,

    I think the documentation needs to be amended to clear up / eliminate some confusion.

    There are a few customers impacted by the combination of Zerto and UCS with FNIC for FCOE.

    However, it is a particular configuration and NOT all Cisco UCS customers are affected.

    We are actively working with Cisco, VMware, and others to determine the root cause of the problem.  In the interim, if you are experiencing issues regarding this please reach out to support as they can provide an enhancement to alleviate this problem.

    I hope this helps!



    I think it would be good to know what those specific configuration details are for those of running UCS with FCoE. Where can I find that information?

    Is this for particular version(s) of Zerto?



    Here are the details I was provided:

    The root cause has yet to be 100% confirmed, but it has been narrowed to Zerto in a Cisco FCoE FNIC driver.   
    To my knowledge it is specific to the FCoE FNIC driver, not specific to a version of ZVR.
    Again, if you are actively affected by this and replication has stopped please reach out to support.  They can provide an enhancement that will alleviate the issue for you.

    What FCoE FNIC driver version is affected? We are planning UCS updates soon and I’d like to avoid problems.


    What version of the FCoE FNIC driver are you using now?  When is your upgrade planned for?

    As I stated before we are in the process of determining the root cause of the issue.  I can provide the information when it becomes available.

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