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Zerto Migration

  • Hello,

    I am going through a transformation of our customer’s entire datacenter to SDDC. We have recommended customer vCloud Suite for new Infrastructure built. Along with NSX Enterprise plus I got HCX tool free of cost, Same we have selected for my hypervisor migration to new datacenter.

    Now we are using HCX for migration from old legacy technology to new SDDC, and I am facing many challenges to migrate over L2C. Meanwhile one of my colleague recommended me for Zerto to use for migration.

    Now Can anyone suggest me the benefits of Zerto over HCX to migrate Hypervisor to new DC?

    Hi Ravi,

    We see HCX as a complimentary technology to Zerto.  I will work with your account team to follow up with you.  Thank you for your questions.

    Amy Mitchell

    Zerto Platform Product Manager

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