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Zerto live failover with VMs shutdown prior.

  • Hi All,

    I want to do the following.

    Shudown VMs on protected site.

    Perform Live failover. (Commit option. None, VM Shutdown. No, Use latest checkpoint)

    Perform OS health / networks tests in DR site (<24 hrs)

    Select Rollback

    Manually restart Protected site

    Want to know if:

    After manually shutting down VMs will a checkpoint be written automatically?

    If not can I create a checkpoint on the VPG?

    Will ZVRAs continue to detect IOs and replicate any change until I commit/rollback?

    If I select to rollback will VMs in recovery site be shutdown and unregistered. (expect yes)?


    FYI this is for VMWARE. Zerto 6.5_v Update 4

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