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Zerto Journal data move

  • I was curious what would happen if I decided to move my Journal datastore location. Currently the every thing is pointing the same datastore and I am considering breaking it out. Would it just move the journal data to the new location? Thanks.


    Contara from Zerto Support.

    An administrator may want to change a datastore setting configured within a VPG, such as a journal datastore, or a target datastore.  This article explains the steps necessary to do so, so as to avoid any negative effects on replication.


    The VPG will go into an update state and in the background move the VMDKs from the original datastore to the new datastore

    Thank you.



    Hello,we need to change the datastore configured for Journal, how can we do it?

    the page is not available



    Hi Vasco,

    AJ from Zerto Support. Here is a link that explains how to change datastores for your journals.

    How to Change Recovery/Journal Datastore Selection in VPG Settings

    If the link doesn’t work for you, here are the steps

    To migrate the recovery and/or journal disks to different datastore(s), perform the following steps:

    1. Verify all hosts in the recovery host cluster can see the new datastore(s).
    2. Determine which VPG/VM/VMDK is going to replicate to the new datastore(s).
    3. Edit the VPG -> Replication Tab -> VM Settings -> Recovery and Journal Datastore settings and select the new target datastore(s) as desired.
    4. Once complete, press Done to submit the Edit VPG changes. This will initiate a Storage vMotion of the replication data to the new datastore(s) as desired.
    5. Repeat for each VM / VPG that requires replication data to be moved.

    Hope this information helps.


    Hello Vasco,

    Our apologies on that!

    The article has been edited/updated/re-published as a customer viewable article which you can access via MyZerto at the below link:

    How to Change Recovery/Journal Datastore Selection in VPG Settings

    If you have any issues with the procedure, feel free to update this space or open a ticket for Technical Support.

    Thank you!

    Is it reccomended to perform the Delta Sync after changing the journal datastore and/or the recovery datastore?
    Last time when we changed the recovery datastore, the data consistency crashed during FOT operation. We use delta sync to check the data consistency and it helped.

    Is it best practise to use delta sync from time to time, especially after some activities with disks?

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