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Zerto interoperability with VxRail

  • Can I use Zerto to (a) migrate VMs from a legacy vSphere environment to VxRail and (b) provide ongoing DR protection from one VxRail cluster to another?

    Hello, I am Yaron from Zerto

    There should be no reason that we would not work on these products. That being said I am not sure we have seen many of these. There might be some additional configuration on the VMware side to allow installation but I did manage to find a few cases that customers are running hyper-converged solution with Dell EMC VxRail.

    Hi Yaron, thanks very much.

    When you say you found a few “cases” of Zerto customers running VxRail, do you mean *support cases*, or do you mean you found *instances* of Zerto customers running VxRail? If you meant support cases, would you be able to share the case details with me so I can see the types of issues VxRail customers have with Zerto?

    Regards, George.

    Hi George, Guy from Zerto here.

    VxRail HCI is supported by Zerto and is currently used by quite a few of our customers.

    That said, please honor our commitment to safeguarding our customers’ sensitive information and intellectual property, certainly on a public-facing community board like this one.

    Thanks and best regards,



    Hi Guy,

    I apologise for my late acknowledgment of your last post! I certainly understand.

    It’s great to know that VxRail HCI is supported by Zerto and is currently used by quite a few of your customers. Are there any special things to take into consideration/anything not mentioned in the “Zerto for vSphere” implementation/user guides with regards to Deploying/running Zerto with VxRail?

    Hello George,


    Zerto is not specifically testing VXRail as it’s just hyper-converged running VMware.  It is still running the same infrastructure, therefore should not impact Zerto. Please let us knwo if you have any additional questions. 


    Thank you,


    Hi Joe, ok understood, thanks very much.


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