Zerto Installation With OVH cloud-provider

  • Hello,

    I am using OVH ( french ) as a cloud provider to hosts my DataCenters .

    OVH provide a Zerto solution to establish a DR plan between two DC, for instance from OVH to OVH or from OVH to another cloud-provider.

    In the first case  ( from OVH to OVH ) , I don’t have to manage any of Zerto installation ( on both  production or replication site ), OVH manage it all.

    In the other case ( the case i want to use )  from OVH to another cloud provider, I need to make the Zerto installation on the ‘another cloud provider’.

    However, even if OVH manage the purchase of the Zerto licence ( and the installation on the OVH site ), I don’t know how to get and download Zerto binaries ( ZVM and VRA ) to make my own installation on the another site and the make the license pairing process with the OVH site

    Can you tell me, if it is possible, and how can I get the Zerto binaries in this scenario ?

    Thanks you

    Best Regards.


    Samy C.


    Hello Samy,
    Ben from Zerto support here.

    All necessary Zerto downloads to get you up and running can be found right here, on the myZerto website, under the Support & Downloads section.

    Have a nice day

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