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Zerto in a multi-site VCSA

  • Aloha,

    We are moving from a 5.5/multi-vcenter to a 6.7U1 multi-site/single VCSA environment. At this point, I don’t see how Zerto would be configured. But first things first – trying to install Zerto on a new VM in the VCSA. I give it my root creds for the VCSA and the install throws an error. How do I get around this very basic first step?


    Not sure about your install issue, I’d open a support ticket for that.

    As for your first question, yes, you can run Zerto with a single VCSA. A good use for this is when you have a central data center, but also have small remote offices. You want to protect a few VM’s on a single ESXi host, but that site doesn’t require a vCenter, so you manage it out of the single vCenter that runs from the datacenter.

    In that example, you can use Zerto to replicate those VM’s from the remote office, into the datacenter, and fail them over if necessary.

    Now, keep in mind this works well for that use case, however, you need a ZVM in order to failover. So if the site where you vCenter and ZVM is installed goes down, you can’t failover anything, anywhere.

    Hope that helps.

    I believe you need to give it administrator level credentials to the vCenter, not the root to the VCSA as it communicates with the vCenter service,

    There is no longer a vcenter. VCSA replaced it.

    The vCenter service runs on the VCSA, you should have a login like administrator@vsphere.local (though would recommend making a user specifically for Zerto) or something else like that to login to the vCenter service where you manage hosts/vms/etc.

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