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Zerto how to work

  • Hi all

    I need information for procedures for zerto to work. Bacause customer use  zerto protect DB oracle run on RHLE. And him say with for issue data file corrupt. I would like to get more information on how VRA works.

    Hi Nakarin,

    Are you saying the recovery data is showing corrupt? The Zerto VRA replicates blocks that have been confirmed on the source storage, to the destination storage. Valid recovery checkpoints are entered into the recovery journal when the blocks have been confirmed to have been written in the correct order from which they were sent. If you are having trouble with a particular checkpoint, you can try the previous checkpoint just in case.

    What is the issue you are seeing? Is the server or DB not starting? Is the application also recovered from the same VPG checkpoint but it is having issues?




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    Hi Harry

    Production hosts on source.

    ZVR does not manipulate the data at all or change the data path for the protected VM, and this can be shown by removing protection from that VM and showing the issue still occurring. You probably want to reach out to support so they can help you look at this and hopefully can point you to the culprit. I/they have seen this before and it wasn’t related to the VRA or ZVR.

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