Zerto Help after vCenter repair

  • Hello,

    The agency I support recently ran into a known issue with vCenter 6.0 that required us to repair/rebuild the vCenter by deleting it all together and starting from scratch. I was unaware how much this would effect the Zerto Replications at the agencies.

    To make things worse, I made the decision to use the Zerto Diagnostics application on the ZVM server we have running and ‘Reconfigure Zerto Virtual Manager’ using all the same previously used information. Now our other agency looks better and is “working” like normal, based on the fact we can see the VPGs and VMs in the web client again. (we couldn’t after the vCenter rebuild) But, the first agency, we are not even able to access the web client. If we click on the shortcut created by Zerto it brings us to a login page that attempts to refresh and then it times out and the page is unavailable.


    What recommendations does anyone have for this? I’m trying to prevent having to rebuild Zerto all over again as I’m not particularly knowledgeable about it.


    Thanks in advance,


    Suggest that you or the agency contact Zerto support to assist.

    Amy Mitchell

    Zerto Product Manager

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