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Zerto for SAP HANA

  • Hi,

    Can Zerto protect SAP HANA? if yes, is there any different to config?




    Hello, Atir from Zerto here.

    Yes, SAP HANA is supported by Zerto.

    There is no difference from a Zerto perspective between protecting a SQL or Oracle database and SAP HANA. All of them constantly have transactions running in memory and Zerto delivers an RPO of seconds on the disk writes. The biggest difference with SAP HANA is simply that its running and storing a lot more transactions in memory. The frequency of disk writes in SAP HANA shouldn’t be considered the RPO, it is more akin to application consistency, and the frequency isn’t controlled by Zerto but it is configurable.

    You can read more about it in:

    Hi Atir,

    Many thinks. But I can’t understand well,  two questions:

    1. As you said, “The frequency of disk writes in SAP HANA shouldn’t be considered the RPO “, base on your experience, how long is the RPO for SAP HANA normally?
    2. From the SQLBestPractices.pdf,  “It is not necessary to configure application
      consistency in Zerto to maintain a consistent database in recovery, it is only required for transactions held in memory and for a
      failsafe point in time for recovery. Application consistent points in time will be indicated as a checkpoint in the Zerto journal of
      changes to ensure visibility when performing a move, failover or failover test in Zerto.” I would like to know if it means SAP HANA is consistent  if I can see the checkpoint when performing a failover?


    did you deploy the solution ?  protect S4H with zerto ?

    if yes pls be so kind to share some tips and your recommendations if any

    thank you


    No. We have this requirement, So want to get some confirmation. Result is not so good.

    Thank you Wayne for the info.
    pls, update the topic accordingly

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