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Zerto DB best Practice (Embedded v/s External)

  • We have Zerto deployed in the diff regions to support DR, we have them deployed with diff configuration for DB (a few sites have embedded while a couple of sites have external clustered SQL DB). Recently we noticed that, on the site where DB is hosted externally of SQL Cluster, the cluster resources do not failover to passive SQL node(when the active SQL node goes down), leading to Zerto unable to replicate.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. What is Zerto’s Best Practice when it comes to DB Deployment? (any Doc referring to the best practice)?

    2. I know external SQL DB is supported, but is a Clustered SQL Setup supported? is there any Guide which I can refer to validate against my setup?

    please let me know if anyone else has similar setup or know the answers to the above.   Thank you!

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