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Zerto connectivity

  • We have a question regarding connectivity between ESXi and ZVM.
    Could you please confirm that ZVM access to ESXi hosts is ONLY required during installation of VRA.I mean Once VRA installation is completed can we close close ports.


    Bar from Zerto here.

    ZVM>ESXi connection is required to install the VRA.

    After that port 22 and 443 can be closed.


    In our environments running 6.x we have observed the ZVM deploying Z-VRAH appliances from time to time after the initial deployment of the Z-VRA appliances so closing these ports will not impact the automated deployments of these Z-VRAH appliances ? Is version 7.x no longer having this behaviour which would make safe to close these ports? In our case this is very important to know as we won’t be able to get these ports open after the initial deployment if required later.

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