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Zerto Cloud Manager services Crash

  • Hello!

    In the ZCM VM the service is constantly stopped. What is a possible cause?

    the VM is:
    OS: Windows Server 2008 R2
    RAM: 2GB
    System type: 64-bit
    CPU: 60 GB

    Is exclusive for the ZCM.

    Hi Jose,

    I definitely recommend you contact support on this to truly troubleshoot what may be going on. Something you can look into in the meantime is communication. Ensure ZCM/ZVM have quality communication among each other, and also to the underlying hypervisor management server(s) (vCenter/SCVMM).

    Hope this helps! Let us know your findings.



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    Hi Harry!

    I contacted support and for the moment is a issue might arise when the ZVM and ZCM versions are not compatible (The version of the ZVMs must not be higher than the ZCM version).

    we are work in upgrading the sistem (ZCM/ZVM/VRA).

    when we solve the crash I’ll report,


    IS this issue resolved?

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