Zerto & Cisco Hyperflex – Karmen Griggs

  • We are purchasing a cisco hypeflex and will have stretched esxi clusters between 2 sites. We still need to use zerto to replicate the data to a 3rd site. Is there any considerations we need to be aware of using zerto to replicate vms in a stretched cluster or on an HCI solution? I couldn’t find any specifics in the documentation.


    Mike from Zerto here. We do not have any type of reference guides for HyperFlex, but there should be no issue using it as Zerto is not connecting with the storage layer. As for future documentation, I recommend opening up a feature request for such documentation. You can do this via MyZerto (login to myZerto –> go to ‘support & downloads’ –> press on ‘Feature request’). Our feature request portal will allow you to view existing feature requests as well as voting or commenting on it.

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