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Zerto architecture advise

  • I have a customer who has Oracle Databases 12c and SQL Srvr 2014, which are installed on physical equipment for performance reasons, in this equipment is only installed and configured the Data Base Manager. The information is stored within a separate Storage (NAS) system and is replicated between sites through a dedicated link with the tool that has the storage system itself.
    The virtual environment is made up of virtual machines in vSphere that run front-end and back-end applications and feed the stored databases. In my opinion, this would work like Raw Disk Mapping, do not you think?
    I would like to know your opinion regarding what would be the best recommendation for a business continuity solution with these features.

    Hi Roberto,

    Are the Oracle databases running on physical servers or are they visualised just with dedicated storage? If the latter, how is the storage presented to these VMs, via RDMs as you suggest?



    The use of virtual machines in vSphere is a good strategy because it allows us to run different web applications and databases, but it would also avoid having to maintain the structure of multiple servers and also they said that affirmative action in architecture implications for architectural education. This is because the virtual machine can be set up once and then run on any number of physical servers in vSphere.

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