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Zerto and Veeam

  • We’re in the process of planning Zerto installation, but would want to know the following:

    We’re using Veeam as a backup and replication software.

    Since our databases are quite large it takes time to back up them up.

    My concern is: If a machine is in the process of being backed up by Veeam, then will Zerto  still be transferring data to DR site and how it affects VM, Veeam and Zerto?

    We definitely don’t want VMs to get corrupted.

    In other words: can Zerto and Veeam run simultaneously in the same environment and what happens when they touch the same machines.

    Just in case : we use VMWare

    This is very important, as we’re planning to run both Zerto and Veeam simultaneously.

    Thank you

    Hi Marina,

    Zerto and Veem can run in the same environment. Veem works outside ZVR’s replication path. The only issue that I know of is Veem has an option to save a temporary file to the protected volume. The temp file cause Zerto to hit issues during failover/failover test. As long as the temp file is not saved on the protected volume Zerto should not have any issues working with Veem.

    Hi Shameek E,

    I just want to clarify. When we say that VEEAM and Zerto works fine on the same environment, do we mean that they use the same physical hosts?

    Thank you

    I’ve used both Veeam and Zerto for my VM’s for 7 years now without issue.

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