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Zerto 9 Update 1 – New needed Azure permission

  • Hi All,

    A few days ago I upgraded to U1 and our replication broke to Azure. There was an error in Zerto along the lines of “we can’t spin up a new scale set” I have a support ticket opened but was able to figure it out myself using Google and trying a few things based on the same Azure error popping up in other products. Support was stumped and couldn’t figure it out as they haven’t seen it, so I figure I share here to save others trouble. This only happened after upgrade to U1 as we were running 9 without issues.

    Basically it appears that you have to now also have a permission called “Storage Blob Data Owner” right on the storage account itself where Zerto is writing. Previously I had the well documented “Storage Blob Data Contributor” and “Storage Queue Data Contributor”, as well as “Contributor” roles defined for the Managed Identity at the Subscription level, so all I did was add “Storage Blob Data Owner” right on the storage account and after that the scale set was able to spin up and all my replication resumed. A few different articles online seem to point to the fact that this HAS to be set on the storage account itself and not inherited down. I have earlier in my troubleshooting tried setting the Managed Identity as a full Owner on the subscription and that wasn’t enough, only after adding Blob Data Owner on the storage account did things resolve.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Thank you very much! Just had the same issue so will give this a try.



    Hi Dmitri

    thanks for your post!

    I can confirm this workaround works


    just add the Storage Blob Data Contributor **** to the existing managed identify and re apply update

    Storage Blob Data Contributor ****

    Storage Queue Data Contributor
    Storage Blob Data Owner


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